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Heroin terrorist reckons he’s just a sportsman.

Aaron Greene
Aaron Greene
Aaron Greene
Aaron Greene

Socialite heroin addict charged with explosives possession robbed man in February.

As NYC society and a baffled media try to make heads or tails of the antics of Aaron Greene and his junkie girlfriend, Morgan Gliedman, daughter to a prominent NYC society family, the fallen former Harvard University detainee now insists that he was just having fun.

Discovered to be holding a dangerous arsenal of explosives and weapons the 31 year old junkie who is currently holed up at Rikers Island has gone on to now tell the NY Post that the bombmaking material was for an “experiment” — not a terror plot.

“It was a very small amount of experimental fireworks,” Greene, 31, said at Rikers Island, where he has been held without bail after police discovered seven grams of explosive powder HMTD in the couple’s West Ninth Street pad Saturday.

“I was going to take it out in the country and try it out — just an experiment,” said Greene.

“I’m not involved in any political causes. I’m a good person, despite all that’s been said . . . I had no intention of doing damage or hurting anyone.”

Whether he intended to hurt anyone or not the fact that Greene was in possession of such lethal material hasn’t escaped authorities attention who are still baffled by the man’s intentions.

Adding to Greene’s misery is the fact that he has been previously sentenced to a year in prison for stabbing a Lower East Side bouncer in 2005. The Post goes on to note that Greene was also last year sentenced to five months in jail after he and girlfriend Morgan Gliedman, 27, were spotted in a car with heroin inside, and a Ruger Mini-14 assault rifle in the trunk.

Greene goes on to say that the gun and ones found in his apartment were because “I’m a sportsman, an outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing.”

Greene also insisted that Gliedman, who gave birth to a daughter hours after their arrest, is “not involved in this.”

Of course one wonders had Greene not been the son of a prominent family and nor was he involved with the well to do Gliedman but instead a bedraggled oddball from the ‘wrong’ part of town if he would have already been burned to the cross metaphorically speaking. Then again in some way that is perhaps what Greene’s real experiment was really all about in the first place…