Home Pop Culture Socialite heroin addict charged with explosives possession robbed man in February.

Socialite heroin addict charged with explosives possession robbed man in February.

Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene
Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene
Morgan Gliedman
Morgan Gliedman

As more is being disclosed about disgraced Park Avenue raised socialite, 27 year old Morgan Gliedman, who along with her live in boyfriend, 31 year old Aaron Greene, who were arrested recently for harboring explosives and weapons it is now being learned that not only are her and boyfriend seasoned heroin addicts but as it now turns out also thieves who have brazenly stolen from individuals so as to support their habit.

Since the pair have been taken to custody, the heavily pregnant Morgan Gliedman has given birth to her Harvard educated boyfriend’s daughter whilst using heroin right until the couple’s arrest. One wonders in some way whether the couple had the fortitude to submit to heroin treatment options in resolving their self conflict.

Whilst her boyfriend once attended Harvard, her father on the other hand, Dr Paul Gliedman, a well respected Park avenue socialite has openly admitted that his daughter and her boyfriend are seasoned heroin users, but that’s all. To date Dr Gliedman insists the two never had any intentions for terrorist activities as has now been thought, but rather just had exaggerated tastes and sensibilities.

The girl’s mother, Susyn Schops Gliedman, is a noted top performing real estate agent who would often visit the couple where they resided in the west village, where to date sources told the Daily Beast that the apartment where the couple lived replicant of that of squalor. Something that Mrs Gliedman ought to or probably did know about.

Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene
Morgan Gliedman and Aaron Greene

That said, it has also now been learned that in February 2012, Morgan Gliedman made off with a man’s backpack which contained his wallet, laptop, cellphone and credit cards, which she used to buy heroin. Interestingly she has according to the The New York Post not been charged with that theft.

It wasn’t until 5 days later that she and her boyfriend were arrested during a drug bust in where they were found to be using heroin in a parked car on the street. During their arrest, Aaron Greene went on to admit he was carrying a .223 caliber rifle which resulted in him being sentenced to 5 months jail.

At present authorities are trying to piece the extent of their weapons and explosives collection and what intentions the couple had after a tipster notified police after being invited into them home to take a shower recently. Upon discovery of a high cache of explosives, authorities sealed off the surrounding neighborhood and forced occupants to leave their house whilst they retrieved said explosives.

The nypost also goes on to note the following: Gliedman was due to complete pre-trial probation for drug possession next week, but that case now could be reopened because police Saturday found the explosive powder HMTD in their West Ninth Street apartment, along with two shotguns, ammunition and manuals including “The Terrorist Encyclopedia.”

To date it has been described that the couple are just wealthy junkies who have an eccentric taste in what’s cool. A description that most individuals who fear for their mortal safety would probably argue very much against given the strange and acquired taste and range of weapons and explosives said to be found at their apartment. For whose exact purpose has yet to be understood.

At present both Morgan Gliedman and her boyfriend remain in custody, with Aaron Greene currently remanded at Rikers Island. It is believed investigators are still continuing their investigations as they now begin to draw up a list of charges against the pair.

On a side note what is interesting to note is how the pair are being perceived, which throws into question, had they instead come from East New York and were minorities whether they too would still be described as ‘eccentrics’ with ‘wacky’ tastes.

Or as reflected one reader on the web:

someone explain to me why, if these people had explosives, were searching terrorist websites, why they are not considered terrorists? Just because they’re rich and went to the Dalton school? This puts into stark relief how there is one system of justice for the rich, and another for the rest of us. If they had found stuff like this in my house, I would be on my way to Guantanumo right now.