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Brigitte Nielsen stumbling in LA park completely disorientated. High, drunk or what?

Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte Nielsen

The capitulation of a Hollywood player….

Images of Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen, the 49 year old former model are hitting the web and they’re not a pretty sight. The images as taken by XPUSJFX show the actress looking extremely disoriented and to be blunt distressingly completely fucked up and out of it.

Stumbling and drinking what appeared to be out of a vodka bottle in a public park out of Studio city, the fallen actress who hasn’t garnished a successful role since the late 1980’s cut a disturbing figure as she roamed the park in broad daylight disheveled.

Offers the dailymail.co.ukDressed casually in trainers, skin-tight blue jeans with a purple sweater and a matching baseball cap covering her shock of bleached blonde hair, the star appeared haggard as she wondered around the park alone, before eventually falling asleep. 

The mother-of-four appeared lost in thought as she stared into space, and puffed on numerous cigarettes. 

The actress was previously thought to have beaten her well-documented battle with alcohol after she entered rehab in 2007, so these latest pictures must be worrying for her four sons and husband, Mattia Dessi, who is 16 years her junior.

All one can do in the interim is ask what’s happened to the actress and how she can be offered a way to find some grounding as she obviously waxes over the psychological turmoil that has obviously brought her to this level of disconcert. Let’s hope Ms Nielsen gets the help she so desperately needs….

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