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Octomom is now in the business of loaning you quick money. Octoloan…

Octomom wants to get rich too. Octomom for those in dire need.
Octomom wants to get rich too. Octomom for those in dire need.

Kids just in time for you to find much needed cash Octomom Nadya Suleman has hatched out a plan that will have you salivating in relief. Yes that’s right, the former virtually homeless bankrupt pornstar/stripper/media whore knows all about poverty and that’s why she’s the proud sponsor of your new salvation: Octoloan. And the best part? It’s got Octomom’s personal seal of approval which means you possibly go wrong.

OctoLoan is a trusted source that connects you to cash lenders nationwide when you need a short term loan fast.

But not to confuse things Octomom wants to stress she’s not that Octoloan isn’t itself a lender, it’s just the facilitator of loans. Hmm.

First time loans go anywhere from $300 to $500 at the slightly above market rate of 651.79%. Yes Octomom has become a capitalist too.

A representative annual percentage rate (APR) example is as follows, rates vary by state, applicant information and lenders: A loan of $100.00 for 14 days could cost $25.00 in fees. The total amount to payback could be $125.00 with an APR of 651.79%.

Isn’t it time you got on the gravy train with Octomom and took out a much needed loan that will have both you and Octomom smiling from ear to ear?


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