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Breaking: Octomom’s house goes to foreclosure, landlord says good riddance!

Octomom's soon to be ex house. Image via tmz
Octomom's soon to be ex house. Image via tmz

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Why doesn’t the universe love Octomom Nadya Suleman anymore?

You would think with Octomom now baring herself graphically in a masturbation porn video (yes kids the gory trailer and pics are here- shit is explicit though) that life would be on the mend as the cash thing would start to dribble back into her bank account. Not so according to Zeus the God of the ethereal and damned.

tmz: Octomom Nadya Suleman has just hosed the owner of the house she’s living in, because the house officially went back to the bank after a disastrous foreclosure auction.

Which means Octomom will be homeless? Shit out of luck? Or is it the bank who held the mortgage that will be shit out of luck? Can this be true? A legitimate porn celebrity with 14 mouths to feed and clothe running around California without a roof over their heads? Not in America? Tell me this shit doesn’t happen in the land of plenty?

Amer Haddadin, the man who owned the La Habra home, tells TMZ … the auction took place this morning, but no one bid on the property, so it went back to the bank.   FYI the opening bid was $355,643 … but no takers. 

No one wanted to buy a celebrity house? But Octomom is famous. Just  look at any tabloid and you’ll see her stripped to her gizzard explaining how good she’s got it.

Of course now that the house didn’t sell, and Octomom wasn’t paying rent towards living there which meant Amer Haddadin couldn’t in turn pay back the bank what he owed it this means he is now shit out of luck and now the proud non owner of a house that until this morning used to belong to him.

The bank for its part will now seek to evict Octomom and her brood (yes life in America is getting harsh, even for tabloid celebrities) as it seeks an alternate buyer.

And what does Amer Haddadin who probably ever regrets meeting Octomom think of the situation?

“I am glad she will be out of the house. I want her out of there,” Amer tells RumorFix. “I am hearing from a source that she will be out of there very soon. She doesn’t deserve the house. These people have destroyed my credit.”

Destroyed his credit, destroyed the way things click at night but at least made a very pretty picture of her shaking the good shit and then some.

Isn’t it time your life was in free fall too? Unless of course it already is….

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