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Octomom Nadya Suleman Refuses $500,000 to Star in an Adult Film Despite Financial Woes


Following much publicized gossip that Octomom, Nadya Suleman, faces imminent foreclosure on her California home (one may wonder how she made it this long, feeding fourteen mouths other than her own) Vivid Entertainment has decided to come along and exploit rescue Octomom with a thrilling offer- ‘get dirty in one of our adult videos or risk going homeless.’

It doesn’t take more than thirty-six seconds on Craigslist (even now) to find advertisements (if we can call them that) aimed at desperate women willing to submit to sexual exploitation in exchange for free living arrangements. (‘Free Rent for a Submissive Girl in Need’ is a much quoted Craigslist favorite on the New York scene, if only because it recurs so often that no one can be totally sure of its seriousness.)

But a bit unlike the relative discreetness of the suspiciously younger girl who doesn’t speak English living with the resident pervert in your apartment complex, the situation changes more than a little though when we adapt the formula to fit figures in the media. That is, how can Octomom become a whore, like so many unfortunate women (and men for that matter) have had to before her, when she’ll be forced to become something even worse, and much less forgivable: a whore for the media, and by extension a whore for society.

And while, as Suleman claims, “I’ll do whatever I can … as long as I’m fully clothed,” with few other options available one has to wonder whether Suleman can afford to play hardball (if you’ll you excuse the expression) over an opportunity, much less a pricetag, as reports indicate last year’s standing octo-porn offer of $1million has since been downgraded to a mere $500,000 –  just enough to pay the rent in exchange for one octuple-X porno.

The question confronting Ocotomom currently, and us then by proxy, is one of whether she’s willing to settle all her financial problems for the one time upfront payment of her dignity; or, instead, if she’ll choose ‘Option B’ : trod to the poorhouse with head held high and her fourteen children in tow. There can be no right choice here and if she can ‘win’ its only in principle… which, of course, on the street will mean little.

Her choice appears almost as a non-choice, a lose-lose if you will, and we’ll more than enjoy the media spectacular already forming no matter her decision. If only she could get Heidi, Karissa, and Spencer to sign on for skinflick, then we’d really be in the porno business…