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Walmart pepper sprayer turns herself in and is then promptly released.


A woman, accused of pepper spraying up to 20 customers at a local LA Walmart store on Black Friday turned herself in this past Friday evening and after a cursory interview with the LAPD was promptly released.

latimesblogs: Investigators declined to speculate Saturday whether the woman brandished the spray because she felt threatened by the crowd of jostling shoppers or to gain an advantage so she could grab an Xbox game console that was on sale.

Not to be obtuse but really when was the last time you went shopping with a can of pepper spray? It hardly appears as this woman was carrying it to protect herself but rather to preemptively strike at those individuals that she ‘perceived’ to be getting in the way of her magic shopping experience. On the other hand, had this woman been physically threatened or assaulted wouldn’t it occur to her to seek the assistance of security guards or a sales clerk or even the authorities themselves? Next week the police will be letting off someone for machine gunning down someone who gave them a dirty look as they were trying on a Walmart bargain dress.

How ironic in times of economic peril, citizens have resorted to the tactics of police officers who have wielded pepper spray to defuse ‘occupy’ protesters, protesters who are up in arms over the economic disparity, and now we have shoppers wielding it to gain the economic imperative. Something unsavory is going on in society and the lack of shame or outrage says more about  those corporate outlets who stand to gain from shoppers elbowing each other for a good deal as opposed to elbowing authorities and those outlets and institutions about the disparities of our economic climate.

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