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Hmm, the Queen is not amused. Turkey’ first lady Hayrunnisa Gul shocks with her 6 inch boysenberry high heels.


‘You will have to excuse me whilst I spent the next few minutes vomiting in my mouth!’

These are to be sure Queen Elizabeth‘s inner most thoughts after  casting her eyes on the swine first lady of Turkey, Hayrunnisa Gul‘s shoes as she made her way to greet the flabbergasted Queen. Never mind, it was just the first lady’s attempt to impress her highness, but something about her highness’s lingering look of unease remained nevertheless…

dailymail.co.uk: Maybe she was worried about Mrs Gul tripping up on the carpet. Or fretting how she would manage all the stairs in the palace, which has few lifts. No matter. Mrs Gul is something of a stilleto expert. In September she braved the cobbles at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate in five-inch heels and October saw her treading carefully in six-inch platforms at the presidential palace in Ankara.

Who can be one the wiser, the first lady was probably excited to be up and about, gallivanting like a high class hooker whilst her highness who has over the years has become accustomed to her sovereign citizens showing deference to her may well have to learn that not all first ladies are created equal. But one thing is for the sure, Turkey’s first lady did cut a killer presence with those killer heels, even if alas the Queen was not amused.

Fashion forward faux pas indeed!

  • Eggster34

    the author must have been around hookers in his house while growing up and was probably mesmerized by his momma’s high heels and thinks everyone in high heels must be a hooker.. well, it’s time for a wake up call!