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God save the Duke! Duke of Edinburgh rushed to hospital for possible heart attack.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth.
Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth.

Prince Philip, otherwise also known as the Duke of Edinburgh has been rushed to hospital pursuant to a serious heart scare.

Apparently the Queen’s 90 year old husband began to experience chest pains at the Royal family Christmas gathering at Sandringham. Flown by helicopter to Papworth Cardio Thoracic Center in Cambridge the Duke was treated for a blocked artery. From there it was said the Prince was treated successfully with minimal invasive surgery involving the use of a stint and is to remain at the Center for a number of days for observation.

Thus far Buckingham palace has responded with the following statement: ‘His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh was taken to Papworth Cardio Thoracic Centre in Cambridge this evening from Sandringham House for precautionary tests after experiencing chest pain. We will make no further statement at this time.’

Asked for comment Papworth declined.

Patients are normally released after a period of 3 days, nevertheless this evening’s events hints at the foreboding passage of time that will eventually see the changing of the guard, as Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth have been in the patriarchal and matriarchal head of the Royal family since the early 1950’s. An eventual power shift could be a bitter sweet experience for Prince Charles, their son who must be wondering when he will get to become the thing that he has been groomed all his life to be.

One could perhaps argue that tonight’s events also underscore the perceived ability of the Queen more so than her husband to carry on with as the head of the monarchy and on some level the relevancy of the royal family who command an all time devotion due to carefully designed public relations campaigns which have done well with the recent addition of the Queen’s grandson, Prince William’s bride, Kate Middleton.

For now one can reasonably assume any untoward events/mishaps towards the Royal family will only see the nation invigorated and united as on some level they represent a bygone era and a palpable part of history that of itself could possibly one day see its own  demise. For now nothing suggests or says more about Brittania than the Royal Crown. Long live the Queen, one might wonder, but for how long?