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Dan Stern of streetfashionmonitor.com: the new to go street fashion photographer of haute couture.


Subject wise my shots are of more hard core street people the dudes who are very creative in their style and vibe where as with Scott he shoots mainly fashionable people associated with the business and gives them the street feel..he is so gifted at making the street perfect like a studio…..in my shots you will see rubbish bins , graffiti ,advertisements,traffic sighns, shop windows, passers by, mess in the background because that is what is there and real even if its not pretty…..

Scott’s streets are so clean & perfect & most of his back grounds are soft out of focus concentrating always on the subject. He has had NO influence on me on a photographic style or technical level . But as an artist marketing his work to the world he is my model to follow.

SCV: What’s the role of the blogger?

Blogging in the conventional sense is sharing interesting information by written word online…..The information of my content is visual so as such I dont blog/write that much…..It is important for me to give the viewer an idea of location & minimal background information but not to describe the details of the style content of  the image…I believe my images speak for themselves and that my audience can judge and interpret what they see as good as if not better than me….I am not a fashion expert  ….. I dont have that background like the Satorialist…..Im all about the style & vibe of the street not the industry. So for me the role of the blogger in the street style genre is to portray it as it is for real….which always means for me pure candid.

SCV: What do you think is the future of the blogger and that of the street fashion blogger?

On a serious level the blogger will more directly influence social & political aspirations by speaking with great speed to large sections of the population as in the on going ‘Arab Spring’ movements and on a cultural & consumer level bloggers will have more influence on what consumers like & want to buy.

The street fashion blogger will influence both the consumer and the fashion industry  to a greater degree than ever by sharing & informing basically “what is hot & what is not.”

SCV: Who do you tend to focus on when you shoot? – name brand names, anonymous persons or is it just an issue of zeroing in on a sentiment, a feeling?

99% anonymous people, both name brands & unknowns, colors, materials, shapes, graphics, embellishment, patterns & much more….(See Photo Search / Search criteria for an extensive list) but most of all the vibe & attitude of the subject which is an emotional feeling I get in an instant.

SCV:What takes you to Paris now and what do you hope to capture now that you have arrived at Paris Fashion week?

I have shot in Paris on several occasions in the past and in different seasons but always on the street as I do in every city but this visit has been about the Fashion Week . The challenge for me is to shoot the attendees of the shows – the glamorous, chic, hip and connected players in the industry from an SFM perspective.

So crazy angles and no posing or as little as possible as this event is all about posing. So I will shoot someone amazing looking posing for other photographers….Im capturing that moment but it is not one I have set up.

SCV: What have been some of the more memorable photos you have taken? And what makes this memorable?

There are approaching 5,500 images on the site and I always say the most memorable one…….. Is the next one !

SCV: Besides fashion, what else do you endeavor to capture and ultimately what do you think is the allure of a blog like yours Dan?

Beside the fashion its all about the combination of the people, the physical street environment and the LIGHT. I want viewers who have never visited a city… lets say Lisbon… to be able to get an idea of what Lisbon looks like and a feel for the city via my images.

The allure of SFM is its Strictly No Posing , hard core , real street……every type of style , age, ethnicity, city & season is portrayed.

And Photo Search the SFM search database allows use the user to select what they want to see when they want to see it with over 200 search criteria….

Its fun, creative & addictive…….