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Meet the dubious cast of Bravo’s New Socialite Reality show; Most Eligible (Socialite Whores)…


Next on the list of hawt socialite whore to go is my hero and close friend Devorah Rose.

Kids I have a confession, and one day I will take it up with my therapist, but I can never get enough of Devorah. She is strictly one of the hawtest bixches working the pony trail for miles to see.

For a while, the two wicked wixches of wanna be society Tinzer and Rachelle were having goes at Devorah, but I think despite what the New York Times writing that Devorah is some sort of round about deluded wanna be I still think D is the real thing.

Forever contentious, provocative, fluffy, prone to making you laugh with joy, yes I have sat in with her at some of her silly sessions and was quite pleasantly taken aback- this girl is on the upswing.

Of course I’m already developing plot lines as to whom ends up hating Devorah on the show (is there really any doubt kids?) but I guess we’ll have to wait for when that hawt bixch Malik So Chic Tinsley Mortimer makes a guest appearance and they all start fighting for the same man. Could you imagine?

But between you and me, Devorah Rose is my upfront favorite socialite whore, and my guess is that by the end of the year, People magazine are going to make a handmade quilt to anoint her in as their camera boys train for that cover image.

Next on the chopping block is Meredith Ostrom.

I’ve only met Meredith once in my life, and that was at some society party. I couldn’t remember thinking one thing or the other, which if you are reading Meredith (duh!) is probably a very good thing under the circumstances.

Curious to see what GoG had to say about Meredith I found the following:

Meredith Ostrom is an artist, model and actress. She has been in several films and also appeared on an episode of Sex & The City. She previously dated Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran.

As you can imagine, the minute I read the part about Nick Rhodes my lips started quivering. How could it not make sense for Bravo to now try and set up hawt Meredith with another hawt stud, but in the socialite, I have bags of money to buy your affection kind?

And then it goes on:

She has a degree in art from NYU and has done large scale works on silk, as well as painted her own body.

Kids I have a confession, I have painted my own body too- but with my own vomit pursuant to reading about this upcoming drama of well to do conniving striving young women looking for the bigger and better deal. But strangely I know I will be mercilessly hooked on every episode, salivating and secretly wishing Bravo had the wisdom to invite me to play a malevolent private school boy groom looking for a hawt bixch to make his own whilst driving each one of them crazy with my behind the backdoor bedroom affairs. Really is there any doubt…?