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Happy birthday Ms Devorah Rose.

Photos courtesy of Devorah Rose. Kayvon Zand and Devorah Rose.

If you ask this author’s opinion about celebrating one’s birthday at a NY nightclub, even a posh one like the Gates where we all found ourselves this past Thursday night, you will not typically find a resilient endorsement. That said, I have to argue battling amongst the bobbing balloons and the over whelming well wishers clambering for Ms Devorah Rose attention was in short a delicious affair.

Nestled amongst a clandestine booth (which ended up becoming a mini disco floors- damn stilettos!) fans and admirers paid Ms Rose kindred homage. Of course part of me expected (wanted?) a cat fight to erupt ( I am media after all…blah!), a sudden arrival of arch enemies (because I was taught confrontation always makes for better tabloid…more blah!) or at the very least a misdirected spilled vodka tonic. Instead what I got was to share in one of the most delightful evenings this Scallywag has had in a while. To be fair, Ms Rose humbled me by being a gracious host and having the tenacity to admit how rather fond she was of me. Things you perhaps wouldn’t expect in a nightclub, but things that one is eternally grateful for anyway.

In case you are wondering who turned up I will tell you now (to the best of my ability…vodka takes a while to digest you understand) : Ms Briana Swanson, Amanda Parenti, Irina Shabayeva, Tyler Burrow, Brittany Mendenhall, Justin Mitchell, Malik So Chic (whom for a moment must’ve thought it was his birthday we had come to celebrate, god bless him because he looked divine dressed as a Macareen disco queen) and a handful of other notables who I would have paid more attention to had it not been for my insistent attention to the next round. Who also arrived (or to be precise was already causing considerable wonderful havoc as a gothic bridesmaid over at the booth across from ours) was our dear friend Kayvon Zand and his very eclectic posse.  And that’s when we all danced, wailed and jumped and made beautiful fools of ourselves.

So there you have it, a wonderful evening, and in case I didn’t tell you Ms Rose, I’m also fond of you. Thank you for charming the pants out of us all. You were simply delightful, but just in case Malik So Chic reads this article, I should be clear to mention he was also delightful, even if at one stage I feared the pink birdcage on top of his head might spill into my drink.

Happy birthday Devorah and many more to come…

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