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Malik So Chic is trying to figure out who he needs to screw to get his own reality show.


Making it big in America comes with a price tag.

To be sure we are big fans of Malik, and if memory serves us correct we even had a wet dream of Malik one night when his tongue was itching the side of his mouth as he watched uber brat Paul Johnson Calderon make himself a macchiato (with skim milk please) at some random red carpet event that people like Malik and Paul religiously attend the way a sex addict attends to xvideos.com

That said the newest drama in Malik’s life is trying to figure out who he needs to blow or sleep with in order to get his own reality TV show, because frankly as much as we love Paul, bitch keeps getting his mug all over the paparazzi shit which keeps leaving Malik crying silent bundles in his sleep- and you all know the only answer is for Malik to get his own show. That said, in keeping with fame, whoredom and the daily American ritual of getting your ass noticed by the public (who one day will light a bonfire in your name and send you hundred dollar bills in the mail) let’s try to figure out who Malik needs to sleep with with a little help of his facebook friends (this author’s response is the very last one…).

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