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Tinsley Two-face Mortimer.

Tinsley Mortimer 'stooping' to ingratiate the lower level 'Suburban' ingrates.

For those of you uninitiated to the filming of the reality show (and I’ll use that word lightly) – High Society, the show has caused some degree of consternation amongst its stars, its producers and even some members of the press. One thing is for sure, what we mean by ‘society,’ has perversely gone out the window ever since the show began airing and despite all the magic things that Tinsley and her handlers keep coming up with (like this months editorial at Harpers Baazar ) one has a hard time believing any of this really has anything to do with society and more to do with fame mongering. Of course last time we checked, fame mongering and society lived on the opposite side of the pond…but that was then and this is the heady now…

That said, in light of the recent finagling and demonizing of certain characters on this ‘society’ show we decided to let Devorah Rose, one of the principal stars of the show and as tonight’s episodes will show-dubious punching bag of Tinz express her rather curt point of view. Like us we think you’ll regrettably come to the view that at the end of the day as much as Tinz tries to be a society princess, she’s really at best just a ‘ two faced fame whore.’ But then again this is what we mean by High Society, or do we? Scallywag.


Tinsley Mortimer and Dabney Mercer are two-faced.  They act one way in front of a camera (any camera), yet completely differently in private.

During the second week of December – just after we wrapped filming for Tinsley’s self-promotional vehicle High Society – my mother, my close friend Katie, and I attended the Broadway show Rock of Ages.  Afterwards, Constantine Maroulis invited us all up to his dressing room and we hung out there for about a half hour with Constantine, Tinsley Mortimer and Dabney Mercer.  Given the manner in which they had thrown me under the bus during filming, I was not happy that Tinsley and Dabney were there, but the two sisters were all saccharine smiles, as per usual.  Afterwards, Dabney texted me:

Hi babes!! Tins and I loved seeing you and meeting your mom last night:) 🙂 wasn’t Rock of Ages amazing?! Hope to see you soon!! Xoxo

How curious.  During filming, Tinsley and Dabney pretended they didn’t even know me.  Yet suddenly they’re all hugs and kisses?  I would respect them more if they

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  1. To be sure I asked Tinsley permission for an interview . I never heard from her. But I was and still am open to nuanced discussion for what passes as society, reality TV and character.

    My offer still stands. In the meantime, Devorah can you pass me a box of tissues….?

  2. I actually liked Tinz and her whole NY set from Social Rank ages ago. Admittedly, I’m from outside the US so it was just abit of interest that got me to check them out. Now after seeing High Society, I’m glad I’m over that stage; Time to get real with LIFE and appreciate what I have and not become so foolish as to watch MORONS on tv. Ufff, what was I thinking??? Please people, wake up from the illusion of MONEY>FAME>STATUS>BEAUTY>ALL THINGS MATERIAL.. xx

  3. Devorah Rose giving a lesson in class is ironic. Last time I watched High Society you were throwing a glass at some other low life.

  4. It is my understanding that Constantine may regret signing on with the show. Comments from various well wishers uttering the words “High Society” on his Facebook wall were deleted post haste. Which begs the question, because of moral standards or poor ratings?

  5. Dale Mercer, feeling she has to remind people about her “class” and stature in society, shows that she has neither. Neither do the rest of these elites who flaunt their money and supposed status. It’s just a bunch of people behaving badly and pathetically and contributing nothing to society.

    Sort of reminds me of our current President. He keeps reminding us that he’s the President. Guess he wants to remind us he has power. Unfortunately when someone has to remind you, it means they don’t.

    Actions speak louder than words every single time.

    I don’t give a rats ass if Tinsley is 33 or 35 – any woman over the age of 18 who still refers to her mother as “mommie” is simply pathetic. I feel sorry for this girl. I don’t think she has any real life skills. It’s part of the curse when you have everything handed to you.

    Yet I feel somehow that she yearns for a way out of it.

    Ratings should improve next week when CONSTANTINE is on the show. Yippee!!! Glad that relationship seems to be over. He still has loads of class.

  6. The scripted melodrama of this reality farce gone wild continues on. If you want to know why America is going to hell in the hand basket its because far too many of our citizens listen to folks like Sarah Palin who reads from the script handed it to her by propagandists while others are consumed with the WWF Melodrama of Devorah vs. The Tinz. No offense to either lady, I would much rather knock boots with JWOWW from The JERSEY SHORE, even if she would kick my ass or dump me on the sidewalk when she was through with me. Actually there is a reason why more people in America watched “The Situation” and the paisan’s from the Jersey Shore: its because these guys were comical in their social climb. They are more straight up that GTL is simply all about the Benjamins Baby. They are keeping it real.

  7. I tired to watch this show but it sucks bullets. Where did this gal come from all of a sudden? She’s not even pretty, she looks hard and definitely snobby. I guess making a pocket book is her claim to fame. I can’t see where anything else could be even closely associated with fame. With that said, why is she on TV?

  8. BTW, is it just me or is the Tinz not much taller than Snooki? Everytime I see her out, I’m shocked by how short she is.

  9. Up until now, I’ve refrained on commenting, but this Tinsley woman and her antics are just too disgusting to refrain from commenting any longer. here goes:

    A desperate joke if there ever was one. As another comment rightly noted, THIS is ‘class’? Wasn’t she hosting some cheesy as* party at FoxWoods casino this past weekend? Oh man. Yes, I can just see Jackie O taking $5,000 or whatever to host a party full of frat boys and guidos. Please.

    First off, stop lying about your age. She is claiming to be 33 when there are articles online that show she is a couple of years older. Why is being 35 a bad thing? Own it and be prouf of it! But the fact that she thinks she can get away with lying about her age just shows how arrogant and delusional this woman is!

    Second, you have NO fashion sense. Stop. Look at the furniture in the apartment. As a commentator also rightly noted, it is indeed decorated in grandmother-style (no surprise, considering it’s her elderly mom who takes ‘credit’ for the decor). Yikes. How is she supposed to be a fashionista (at least in Japan!) when her apartment looks like a 1980’s country bed-and-breakfast? Having been to her and Topper’s UES apartment, I can assure you it’s decorated the same way. Yikes.

    Third, stop, stop, stop with the “I come from money” thing. Please. Anyone with (a) a computer and internet access; and (b) the slightest brain … can see you are not. First off, your mother wouldn’t grovel and hysterically concern herself with ‘status’ and ‘money’ the way she does, if she truly were upper class. And her father? Google “George Mercer.” You’d be shocked. He wrote a whole letter to the Daily News a few years back HYSTERICALLY (why do I keep having to use that word to describe the Mercers?) arguing that they DO come from old money. Hmmm, ok. It reminds me of that one NY Times (?) piece where Tinsley showed up at the interview with CLIPPINGS of her supposed (previous) large family home. What true old-money people do you know that would go out of their way that much, or care as much? None!!!! Anyway, google “Mercer Rug Cleansing.” They cleaned people’s rugs. Of course, Tinsley claims that her father is a ‘real estate investor’. Hmmm, yeah — anyone can claim to be something as nebulous/vague as a ‘real estate investor.’ ‘Real estate investor’ or ‘financier’ always seems to be the default title for someone who wants to pretend to be something their not — as it’s too ambiguous a title to disprove. Tinsley, why don’t you instead show us some newspaper clippings from back-in-the-day of your supposed old-money family, Tinsley? Surely there must be old clippings/photos/announcements of your great-grandparents/grandparents at society events noted in the papers, etc. Moreover, someone told me Tinsley attended Lawrenceville on a tennis SCHOLARSHIP. Is that true? It would make sense. And where did Dabney go to high school? If these girls are so upper class, let’s see where Dabney went to school… Why is her background never written about? We know she’s the boring, blank-slate sister but, come on… They kind of keep her in the basement. Poor thing.

    Anyway, this whole show is a disgrace. Tinsley made a big gamble ruining her position in society (admittedly, she did have one), thinking she would become a huge celebrity across the country and rake in millions. Sadly, the gamble didn’t pay off and, once the show is canceled or eventually off the air, she’ll have to go back to the society where she is now a joke. Ouch. I wouldn’t even be surprised if Samatha Thavasa drops her line — although the Japanese are eager to lap up American culture, they are sophisticated enough to separate a discredited imposter (tinsley) from the real thing.

  10. ‘..for Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn and Princess Di, it was their complete disregard for their actual status that gave them what we refer to as “class.” It is Tinsley Mortimer’s hyper-awareness of social status and neurotic desire to scurry up the social ranks and trumpet herself that makes her such a lowly, classless creature..’

    Precisely. Those who concern themselves with matters of class, by definition, have none.

  11. I think the whole thing is incredibly sad,well you have Devorah,who has always acted stuck up,mean and generally judgemental of people “beneath her” or not as well off as her or “society”.This is the realest that I have EVER seen her..Tinsley is no role model herself,she clearly likes the attention otherwise,she wouldve addressed the issue politely and to devorahs face NOT have her menace of a mother butt in with her opinions of “common people”..
    I feel sad for them because they clearly have NO sense of reality!
    If its your launch of your new job,then isn’t it the pr teams job to stop party crashers and if your such a kind person,then can’t you pick up a phone and face the music?
    Good luck to these lost souls whom everybody is now laughing at..
    I’m done!

  12. So Tinsely is just a facade after all? I wonder what her new ‘gay’ room mate thinks of her? Isn’t it time Tinsley followed in Ashley Dupre’s footsteps and appeared in Playboy? After all if a call girl can do it, why not a fame whore?

  13. tinsley has a roommate now. why would some rich divorce need a roommate? he is in his early 20s and is gay. her loft is outfitted with magazines face up just of her on covers. not vogue of course but like north carolina society crap. my friends were over there the other night when she was out of town to party with the roommate. he said he felt like he was at his grandmother’s due to the furniture that was excavated from poor Topper’s apartment and wrongfully placed in a loft. he said there are only photos of her on walls and furniture. not family photos, glam and society event shots.

  14. Bravo Devorah! Great to see somebody telling it like it is and standing up to Tinz!! Love the Girls Gone Wild reference…ha!

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