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Woman asks ex boyfriend for a hug, then has him tasered, chased down the street and beat up by 3 masked men.



Claire Canon, 18, went to her ex-boyfriends house on December 30th, apparently under the façade of reconciliation.  Little did he know that she was hiding a stun gun.

STL Today: The victim fell to the floor and was immediately attacked by three men wearing ski masks, police said. He managed to run out of the home but was run down by the men, who punched and kicked him, resulting in “extensive bruising and swelling” to the face, according to court documents.

Canon enlisted the aid of Bret Lombardo, her sister’s boyfriend, to do the dirty work.  The other two’s names have not been released.

Canon was charged last week with first-degree burglary, third-degree assault and third-degree domestic assault. Lombardo was charged with first-degree burglary and third-degree assault.

Friends often offer friends to beat up their ex’s, but how many supply a stun gun?  We have to think that Canon—quite the stunner?—came up with this clever decoy.  Who else but a jilted ex-girlfriend would use her charm to gain entry to a man’s heart, only to shock and beat him. One could only imagine the public outcry had he been the one who had knocked on her door and chased down the street with 3 masked bandits.

Is it little wonder why they weren’t together anymore in the first place?

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