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Why? North Carolina woman ties husband up, cuts penis off

Victoria Frabutt
Pictured, North Carolina woman, Victoria Frabutt.
Victoria Frabutt Newport
Pictured, Victoria Frabutt Newport, North Carolina woman.

Victoria Frabutt, North Carolina wife arrested after tying up husband and severing his penis at Newport home. No known motive. 

A North Carolina woman has been accused of having tied up her husband and then sliced off his penis, authorities said Tuesday.

Victoria Frabutt, 56, upon her arrest was booked on a charge of malicious castration following the alleged act at her Newport home, WITN reported.

Deputies were called around 4 a.m. Tuesday after Frabutt mutilated her 61-year-old hubby, James Frabutt, according to Carteret County Maj. Jason Wank.

Wank said deputies were able to locate the detached body part and placed it on ice. It wasn’t immediately known whether doctors were able to reattach the severed member.

The wife is accused of having used a knife to inflict the heinous injury to her husband.

The injured husband according to a police statement was brought to Vidant Medical Center, where the man’s condition was not immediately known. 

The motive behind Frabutt’s alleged action was not immediately clear, authorities said.

Also not clear is if the couple had been estranged and how exactly the husband came to be tied up at the woman’s Newport home.

North Carolina law defines kidnapping applicable as a charge when someone ‘unlawfully confine[s], restrain[s]’ someone at the age of 16 or older against their will for the purpose of ‘doing serious bodily harm.’

Victoria also was also charged with kidnapping and booked on $100,000 bond. The woman had been set to appear in court Wednesday.