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SCALLYWAG TO KENNY KENNY: Are you on talking terms with SUSANNE BARTSCH?

Jeremy Kost far right.

I jotted downstairs after making a few more rounds only to spot more familiar faces. Anna Evans and Kayvon Zand were impeccably dressed (nothing new there); singer Tyler Stone and Kristina Kiss also chatted it up for awhile. Geraldine Visco of the New York Press is always one of the most entertaining individuals to speak with at these events looking chic as ever. Then, I had finally come across Susanne. It seemed as though she were avoiding me throughout most of my time at Le Bain plus I’m sure she was a busy woman in general. Forget it, I got her in my sights. “Susanne, why is it that Kenny Kenny and Amanda Lepore are having such a similar party on the exact night as yours,” I asked. Her reply was one of either utmost non-interest or just plain eluding my question: “I don’t know. Ask Kenny.” After further informing her that I had already she again gave me a similar reply. “I just wish us all luck.” And with that she darted away.

They say loose lips sink ships and I’m taking it that Susanne doesn’t want her boat going down anytime soon. Either way, my night came to a fun and interesting close around 3:30 am with me sitting quietly with Malik So Chic and enjoying a vodka and soda. I wished Malik a very good night and I walked off alone to my car as the crowd dispersed and went home. The final sight of the night saw a young girl consoling her boyfriend as he cried and urinated in doorway on 14th Street.



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