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SCALLYWAG TO KENNY KENNY: Are you on talking terms with SUSANNE BARTSCH?


for. It appeared that there might in fact be just a slight hint of bad blood between the two New York Nightlife icons. Asked whether Susanne and he are on speaking terms he replied, “…just!” I didn’t want just one side of the story so I made the decision to dart down to On Top at Le Bain at the Standard Hotel after bidding Kenny Kenny goodnight.

I arrived at Susanne’s On Top around 1:30 am. The special guests of the evening were artists Kenny Scharf and Jonte (who I think I spotted “working it” on the bar with the Zand Collective and Susanne) and our hosts tonight included Malik So Chic, Desi Monster, Kayvon Zand, Manny Norena, and Theodora. We were treated to Alex from Tokyo and Johnny Dynell at the DJ booth all night.

Familiar faces from the Penthouse party earlier began to emerge rather quickly as I spotted Jordan Fox, Veruca La Piranha, and Jeremy Kost right off the bat. I made my way to the rooftop which is where the action was for most of my evening (no wonder the interior pool area seemed so desolate). The first host I spoke with was Malik So Chic, who donned a neatly trimmed mustache and minus his trademark glasses for the evening, looked fabulous nonetheless. Underground music video director Derek Mega also exchanged kind words with me and soon after I was approached by writer Darian Darling who is always a doll to see out and about. Around this time I had just remembered what I had come here to do. I had to get an answer regarding the similarities between On Top at Le Bain and Amanda Lepore’s Penthouse party. Susanne Bartsch… where are you when I need you?

Susanne Bartsch

Malik So Chic


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