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SCALLYWAG TO KENNY KENNY: Are you on talking terms with SUSANNE BARTSCH?


Michael Magnan did a superb job keeping the party going while on DJ duty for the night as our hosts with the most, Marco Ovando and Jordan Belief, made their rounds. Amanda Lepore was spotted surrounded by a crowd of well-wishers, friends, and others all the while keeping her cool and polite demeanor. Joey Arias, who I did not spot at the event or just missed, was scheduled to perform for the opening of the party.

In all, the night went rather well aside from the “revolving door” issue that had just as many people leaving as entering. I thought to myself as to why this would be? Who better to track down than Kenny Kenny regarding this issue? I found him outside dressed just as alluring as ever (“A few black feathers go a long way, darling.”), and popped the question as to why there was a bit of an issue with tonight. It turns out that a major problem was the closing of the rooftop pool deck which seemed to turn many of the attendees off as they almost seemed to be expecting a similar experience or better than Susanne Bartsch’s On Top at Le Bain.

It makes one wonder why Amanda Lepore and Kenny Kenny would schedule such a similar event on the same night as Susanne Bartsch. Competition? Perhaps. After all, these individuals had all worked along side one another for years. Continuing to chat with Kenny led to the answer I had been looking










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