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Salon Owner Swindles Jen Aniston, Liv Tyler; Serves No Jail Time


America’s sweethearts can trust no one.

Beverly Hills hairstylist Maria Gabriella Hashemipour plead guilty to using her celebrity clientele’s credit card information, scamming Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Cher, and notably $214,655 of unauthorized charges on Liv Tyler’s two American Express cards over five months.

Prosecutors called for two and a half years jail term, but the judge only place Hashemipour under house arrest, sentencing her to five years of probation and 3000 hours of community service.

After jewelry designer Loree Rodkin discovered $68,000 unauthorized charges, Hashemipour offered to repay her in beauty products from her shop, an offer Rodkin refused.  News spread to other clients that Hashemipour was ripping people off, including Penelope Cruz, Melanie Griffith, and Halle Berry.

This Hashemipour strikes me quite the scammer.  One places such confidence in a hair dresser: gabbing and gabbing, cutting and curling, they inspire a certain assurance that rivals few professionals.  And the gals Hashemipour had the balls to rip off—not the most skeptical of stars (with the exception of Cher).

Another instance of the disenchanted public taking celebrities down a notch, or just a silver-tongued swindler taking what she can from unsuspecting victims?

So much for cozying up to Hollywood…


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