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Anne Hathaway’s former boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, shares snaps of their relationship after prison release.

Raffaelo and Anne Hathaway
Raffaello Follieri and Anne Hathaway

Perhaps as an act of contrition or even desire to regain the public’s benediction after having betrayed it, newly released Raffaello Follieri has sought to share the memories of his previous relationship with film actress, Anne Hathaway since recently leaving prison.

The former disgraced businessman had until his imprisonment in 2008 being involved in a 4 year whirlwind romance with the actress who had no choice but to leave Raffaello when it became revealed the degree of widespread fraud that he had imparted. In part to maintain the illusion of wealth and access and one wonders to keep his screen actress girlfriend forever enthralled with him.

The images released show the couple in various reposes. From dining on Mediterranean yachts, greeting the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton and in general basking in each other’s company. It is fairly evident by looking at the pictures, that the actress was indeed quite smitten and very much in love with Raffaello until his web of deceit finally caught up with him.

Offered Raffaello when asked if he missed his former lifestyle, he responded:

‘If you think about how nice your life was before, you will go insane.’

Yet, life was indeed very nice for the young man before the music finally caught up with him.

dailymail.co.uk: The businessman’s address was the luxurious Olympic Tower near Central Park, New York, for which he paid an astonishing $37,000 a month. 

Raffaello travelled the world with his movie star girlfriend on chartered jets and yachts, staying in the Dorchester hotel in London, the Ritz in Paris, and the Excelsior in Rome.

He once spent $107,000 for a private jet to whisk him and Hathaway to a lavish New Year’s party at Oscar de la Renta’s house in the Dominican Republic, where guests included Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Any guesses why Anne Hathaway was so smitten by Raffaello? Then again how many of us would build a web of deceit to have the chance to date movie star princesses? How many already do but perhaps not to the degree Raffaello Follieri did. Then again one supposes the biggest deceit being played wasn’t that on Ms Hathaway or Mr Follieri’s business associates but rather on himself, as evidenced by the fact that he was forced to go to jail and forfeit all he possessed.

Adds Raffaello:

‘I wish her the best of luck, she is engaged to a new guy now, that is great.’

‘There won’t be a custody battle for our dog,’ he joked. ‘I bought Annie the dog, and the dog stays with her, that is the end.

‘I don’t have any bad feelings for Annie and I hope she is happy. I do, however, have some resentment for the people who put me in this situation. People who did not show me loyalty.’

Raffaello dear. Can I be please be ever so blunt with you dear? You are the one who put yourself in this position and ultimately you are the one who failed to behave loyally. Something I am sure Ms Hathaway could tell you more about should you ever run into her ever again…



  1. A 4 year WHIRLWIND romance? What kind of a description is that? Meet, hook-up. marry in a month,now THAT is whirlwind!

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