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The Tribulations of Being a Trust Fund Baby.


Infact the one type of trust fund baby that really irks me are the ones that I see so often at social soirees. I call these people no gooders, flakes, ego trippers and media whore wanna bes.

At best they are individuals with a false sense of modesty who use their parents money/status to pursue entry to society. To some degree one  has to be pleased that these people (who I shan’t openly name at this very moment) do have the wallet to pledge to the arts, humanity, charity and what not- but at some point one has to wonder if it’s not just a cynical exercise in self aggrandizement and one wishes they actually took on a job or a role in their family’s or some outside concern so as to legitimize themselves as opposed to begging for photo ops and mentioning of in society blogs like this one to curry standing.

Let me say now, applying for jobs as a reality tv star does not in my opinion qualify one as a legitimate member of society- no matter how brilliant the farce that most of these TV shows present. But then again a $25 000 check for being a miscreant isn’t bad money for someone who would’ve otherwise being forced to beg or take on a second hand hack job.

Paris Hilton

The other advantage of being a trust fund baby is it allows you to play the airs that somehow you are above the average Joe. In fact that’s just a disguise. Having access to money and comfort doesn’t build character, it’s the application of oneself and the true understanding of who one is in relation to the world that helps build character and productivity. Yet in the interim we will go on applauding trust fund babies who move out of the Upper East side and take on a supposed bohemian existence in Williamsburg. Ah the joy of pretending you have arrived when in fact all you do is consume the passions of those souls who created the thing we celebrate. Yet, to be honest, if it wasn’t for those members of society who have access to money sometimes many artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs would be left behind. But seeing to be consuming as opposed to holed up in ones quarters and putting up the good fight has become the preferred battle cry.

After a while there is only so much you can do for yourself before you become bored or sufficiently disillusioned by your own existence. Dash Snow celebrated grunge hipster artist eventually did himself with a heroin overdose and frankly as photogenic as he was and all the cool friends he had- i don’t pity him. In fact one wishes this trust funder held on strong and got on with life instead of living a pseudo tortured life while most ordinary people deal with week to week pay checks. But then again define torture?

Inevitably being a trust fund baby can be a very pleasant experience assuming one doesn’t mind defining their life by a measure of experiences that solely relies on consuming things as opposed to producing things. It can also be a guilt laden trip if you don’t get off your horses and create something that you are so fortunate to have the leverage to do so. And on the other hand it can be a fast way ticket to hell and back if you let your demons become the presiding motto of how you choose to live life. Personally I am glad and fortunate that I get the backing of my family (but only offer just enough where I still have to figure out where to find the balance of my months expenses and continue building the journal on my own merits) but if you have to work in some second hand hack job that’s fine too cause sometimes that’s where one develops foresight and credibility. Ultimately though a boss can always fire you but a family can also disown you. I’d rather be fired frankly.



  1. S-
    I regularly enjoy your posts and your shoot from the hip attitude. I too, am grateful to my Mom for helping me out to live our bohemian/artist lifestyle. Cheers to the Parents!

  2. Did you write this when you were drunk? Or did your family not buy you an English-language education with those funds? I have never seen so many grammatical errors in one place. Ever.
    Though I will note that this is not the first time I’ve taken note of the high volume of grammatical errors in your “journal” in the past. Maybe hire a second rate hack copy editor?

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