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Dash Snow is dead, so too is SACE.



The people we love to care about now that they are dead.

Dash Snow is dead. So, too, is SACE. One was a drunken, faux-celebrity, marking the city, begging the world for his 10 seconds of fame. The other was SACE. In his death, he has achieved what he never could in life, a lamentable, tragic and much-discussed exit. He is finally at the mercy of his many admirers. And, those admirers are plentiful. Just as Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, Farah Fawcett and Ed McMahon discovered, like so many famous painters before them, death is as loveable and profitable as a homosexual art patron.

Which makes me absolutely sick to death of reading about their deaths. I don’t give a fuck anymore what celebrity (however, loosely or broadly you wish to define that term) passed on. It is all a bunch of idle chatter and baying at the moon of a dying sun by a bunch of morbid, 14 year old goth girl emotion having bitches. And, our press is simply reporting it to: A. Sell more papers or B. Act like they were important because they knew the person who is only important now because he died. Got that?

Every single day, a million people die. Some from terrible self-inflicted tragedies, like the violent enslavement of drug addiction, and others from horrific accidents, bloody crimes or even passing away silently in their sleep, guided on the gilded wings of angels or whatever your religion believes. And, no matter how cliched or sublimely ironic their croak might be, it is usually silent.

Their relations moan and miss in mute. They cry their eyes out or they punch a wall or they get drunk and apologetically slap their girlfriend. But, they don’t write long-winded, thesaurus-checked, perfectly grammatically corrected prose.

Death is silent and personal. So, stop mucking it up with your eulogies, your critiques of eulogies and your death machine of p.r. Peace to the fallen and the dead and the long gone who never got the hand-job of minor fame that is the shame of our culture’s failure to be anything more then what we can discuss in others. The greatest men should be measured in the simplicity of what they leave – a weeping widow and a quiet home.

And, fuck the make believe memory of SACE and the rest. Be you in heaven, homie and let your people down here create their own destiny.



  1. Fackle and Scallywag speak the truth.

    Snow wasn’t an artist, not at all. But he did come from a rich, art-loving family (or so they say). He was a pretend artist – a very badly behaved bad boy – nothing more.

    He never became an adult, in spite of having become a father and husband (in name only).

    Too bad – so sad.

  2. I have to agree with Brian Sherwin on this. The art world, specifically the high profile New York art scene, all played a role in Snow’s death if you think about it. See, http://briansherwin-artcritic.blogspot.com/2010/11/when-art-world-kills-you-some-thoughts.html

    Snow is an example of what is wrong with art today. An addict with a camera becomes a great artist. Fair enough, but how and why? Something tells me that his family connections had a lot to do with it. If some homeless youth with a middle class background did the same thing no one would give a flipping hell. But if that youth could prove he was related to Obama he would become an art star over night.

    We need to stop this parade of artists only being great if they come from an interesting family line. We need to stop praising creative addicts. All the people who are teared up to this day about his death are the same people who praised him for the process of destroying himself when he was alive! I guess they thought he would live forever?

  3. What is money? IRAK – all day, everyday.

    Listen, SMUTBAG, while I am shocked to know that “Ide” recommend firing me, I’d like to take this opportunity to ask that you actually read this article before commenting on it. It is a profound piece of writing championing the every man and wishing SACE the peace he should be resting within.

    It is only your Stan-dom that keeps his memory alive and these terrible things being said. Why don’t you allow him to move to the next place without feeling you have any duty or obligation to comment on him?

    If he was that important to you, you’d be dealing with your grief, not parading it around here hoping “Ide” give in and toss a few measly bones of insult your way. So, either he was nothing to you or you were nothing to him.

    And, in the end, it is all nothing. Much like your spelling abilities.

  4. Hey SMUTBAG, you’re right, we don’t pay Dershowitz to write for us because we think he writes more annoying things when we withhold pay from him.

    Although if you’d like to send him a check I’m sure he’d appreciate it…

  5. It will be sweet when your dead homey and no one has anything to say about you at all. Stop sucking celebrity dick and saying how much you hate it.

  6. why the fuck did you decide to use Sace as a pedestal to harp on celebrity deaths.thats really fucking pathetic.ide recommend that you be fired but im sure you dont get paid to write this garbage.

  7. – jack- we knew him better than you. Let’s not memorialize ‘reckless’ behavior.

    Let’s honor those who choose to choose life and get on with life and inspiring us all.

    No one asked Dash to become a martyr. Not even you!

  8. I didn’t know as ‘media’ we only had to react to celebrity faux drug users? The point of the article is to raise awareness of Snow’s pointless death and the fact that there are a lot of kids dying out there everyday, heroin overdose or not.

    We beg to wonder what this all means…

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