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The Netherlands to ban tourists from marijuana ‘coffee shops.’


You can now forget about going to Amsterdam and getting the ‘good shit.’

Bad news for all you stoners. As of Friday night the Dutch government has announced that by year’s end it will ban tourists from buying the good shit from coffee shops. The  only people that will be allowed to buy the good shit are Dutch citizens and even they will face tougher restrictions.

nydailynews: Resident patrons will be required to sign up for a one-year membership, and each shop will have a maximum of 1,500 members, according to a justice ministry spokesman.

And what do the locals think of this new law?

Apart from the perceived fear that tourism will drastically drop (as long as the Netherlands retains its red light district intact it’s unlikely tourists will suddenly dissipitate), critics argue that it will induce a black market.

The coalition government, which came into power last year, announced the initiative to curb drug tourism as part of an effort to fight crime and promote health.

“In order to tackle the nuisance and criminality associated with coffee shops and drug trafficking, the open-door policy of coffee shops will end,” Dutch health and justice ministers wrote in a letter to the country’s parliament.

So next time you head over to the Netherlands be sure to bypass the coffee shops and head to the local residents where they will be waiting for you with open arms to sell you the good shit. So much for creating the coffee shops to harness the illegal distribution of marijuana to begin with…

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  • James

    that is some cold shit well I have no plans to visit Holland anymore so I will save a lots of money its they loss .