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It’s time to relive the moment Arnold and Maria fell in love.


Kids- let’s be honest, the more you keep staring at these two the longer the chances you have of your nipples or your shlong getting harder. Well at least that’s me just thinking to myself now that I’ve just come out of the shower and applied myself a glass of Kool aid and cherry scented talcum powder…

gawker: Here’s one of the scattered pictures of the smiles Arnold Scharzenegger and Maria Shriver are in the process of leaving behind. It was sent to us by photographer Brad Elterman, who snapped the couple back in 1977 at a Las Vegas charity softball tournament hosted by Kenny Rogers. As Elterman recalls, “He was totally cool and loved the attention of my camera, but Maria made a hissy fit about having her photo taken.”

Despite what we may feel about Arnold’s biceps, and his ego and private and kiss and tell tales, we will always have verifiable memories of what America’s finest looked and felt like the moment dirty thoughts started racing through their minds eons ago.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver call it quits after 25 years.

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