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Does Arnold Schwarzenegger have a new girlfriend?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a preferred hawt bixch.
Arnold Schwarzenegger is also a preferred hawt bixch. Loves his Cubanos...

Maria Shriver? Here yesterday gone today…lessons in love according to Arnold Schwarzenneger.

According to TMZ it seems the former governor of California and action flick hero has accepted his 25 year marriage to Maria is over (oh well he did try to keep his indiscretions a secret) after being spotted crowding himself all over a hawt 25 year old bixch over the weekend.

tmz: Arnold was at Bagatelle restaurant in West Hollywood Friday night and lasered in on a 25-ish-year-old brunette.  The 64-year-old actor quickly made his move … with his tongue.

With his tongue? Hmm that might not be the subtlest way of letting Maria know that the glory days have come and gone but then again since when has Arnold the hawt bixch ever been subtle? Talking of tongues would you nestle yours against Arnie’s Cuban accent corroded vessel? (then again I’d do anything if you were famous…)

Yet before we load a gun and point it at Arnold (don’t worry bixch has got an infra ray rated PG gun anyway) reports have asserted that for a while Arnie wanted to broker the peace with Maria who at first relented then decided to try make a go over before once again relenting and now putting Arnie off his game. I know relationships suck, that’s why I stick to licking the underside of my teenage poster lust years.

As for the hawt new bixch in Arnold’s life?:

As for that 25-year-old chick … we’re told she’s “kinda pretty, super skinny and hippie-like” — rated a 7 by eyewitnesses — which is 6 points higher than the maid.

Isn’t it time you traded up from your aging aristocratic wife for a young skinny hawt bixch too?

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Arnold Scwarzenegger would like to remind you he has survived Maria. Once a hawt bixch forever a hawt bixch.

Arnold Schwarzenneger wants to reveal exactly how to deceive your wife.



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