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Arnold Scwarzenegger would like to remind you he has survived Maria. Once a hawt bixch forever a hawt bixch.


No matter which way you cut it, Arnie is destined to be a winner. He wins at body building, he wins at sci fi movies, he wins at saving the world, he wins at the box office, he wins at getting elected governor, he wins in getting some nookie on the side and as of this weekend this hawt bitxch would like to announce he has won at surviving his soon to be ex wife Maria Shriver who is probably this very second wearing her own “I too survived by the skin of my teeth, never mind the public nervous breakdown,’ lycra sloppy Joe.

Of course nothing is like seeing and believing, so who are we to refuse you as the hawt bixch commonly known as ‘I’ve still got my bicycle regimen keeping my life together,’ making the rounds. Got to wonder about those wobbly knees though. Anyway, some press hack tried to explain Arnie’s shirt had something to do with a governor farewell party.

Personally me and the chipmunks think this hawt bixch couldn’t help but let Maria know in some back hand way that he still loves her, even if it had to come on the back of some wet sticky T shirt.

Shouldn’t you be designing your own “I survived my guilty feelings got no shame” shirt as well?


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