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Can Katie Holmes save Tom Cruise’s daughter Bella from her frumpiness?


In what may be an attempt to turn Tom Cruise’s teenage daughter from frumpy to fabulous, step-mom Katie Holmes has taken Bella Cruise her under her wing to teach her the fashion ropes of her new collection.

Daily Mail UK: ‘Kate’s designing and [Bella] is just working her way up,’ Mission: Impossible star Tom  told People magazine at the SimonWiesenthal Center and Museum of Tolerance National Tribute Dinner in Beverly Hills last week.

With Tom’s apparent quest for perfection from every woman in his life, however, could it be more than just keeping it in the family, and more so keeping up the family appearances? You’ve got to wonder.

Katie Holmes’ clothing line ‘Holmes and Yang‘ was launched this month in collaboration with designer Jeanne Yang.

‘We just wanted to do comfortable clothes that you can wear going from a meeting to being a mom to going on a date,’ Katie said of the collection at the time admitting that her daughter and Jeanne’s two daughters had been a large inspiration.”

It’s troublesome. Where are Bella, and her brother what’s-his-face, the 99% of the time they’re not being whored out to the media like their parents and their significant others? In other words, where are these children the rest of the, non photo or story opportunistic, times? When a company has not just been launched?

With mother Nicole Kidman busy singing lullabies with Keith Urban to their new child, and Tom and Katie’s precious Suri splashed across every grocery store checkout line, there isn’t much room for yesterday’s news, kids, now is there?