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It’s time to check out H&M’s Middle East Campaign…


H&M just rolled out with their new Bohemian Deluxe campaign starring Gisele Bundchen. So far so good, except what we get to see in the West is hardly what they will be getting to see in the Mid East….

styleite: It appears as though images dispersed in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) have undergone digital altering to “better align the campaign with the sensibilities of the GCC market.” Basically, Gisele was given some undershirts, courtesy of a really poor Photoshop job. They look so fake! Also, it’s confusing to understand what exactly their standards are. In one photo, Gisele is made to look like she’s wearing a tank top underneath a sleeveless jumpsuit, while another photo actually adds sleeves to a tank top (perhaps to cover up an offending armpit).

Standards? How about the old axiom, that could be anyone’s guess? But since this is the Mid East we’ll go with the tried and true tested method: Modesty, chastity and blasphemy, never mind what happens behind closed doors.

Shouldn’t you buy a hooded H&M bikini soon?