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Woman busted at Logan airport with 50 balloons of coke in her stomach


Shouldn’t you be a drug mule too?

How far would you go to protect your stash? Would you swallow a pound’s worth of the good stuff in condoms and then fly with them in your stomach from the Dominican Republic to Boston?

Luisa Gill would.

NY Daily News : Cops said New Jersey resident Luisa Gill, 21, swallowed 50 condoms packed full of cocaine carrying a street value of approximately $50,000, then hopped on the JetBlue flight Saturday.

Alas, Boston police noticed the young drug mule looking “jittery,” and after questioning her, eventually found out that she had swallowed the 50k worth of cocaine. She was taken to the hospital where they extracted the condoms full of powder from her stomach.

Chris Egan, a former FBI agent described to Fox 25, that she may have “took shots of olive oil to lubricate her throat before swallowing the packages.”Authorities commented, “the size of the load was shocking.”

Funny, doesn’t that sound like something right out of a Charlie Sheen drama ? Substitute a drug mule for a hooker, and well, you get the rest…

In real life, however, the consequences for Luisa’s actions are sure to be much less glamorous. That pound of coke she had in her belly was one very expensive meal.

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