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Richie Rich- I want to be a Villionaire!

Image courtesy of Alex Genea


occasional boy in golden go-go shorts) He never put a sword on the back of any of the models, but there was some very interesting metal-work jewelry that gave everything an edgy feel. While a person could wonder who was expected to wear these outfits besides Wonder Woman, after a while you realized that the point wasn’t necessarily commercial, but theatrical. But then again- theater is just about everything you get with Richie Rich…

There was color everywhere. There were the expected staid tans and oranges of Fall, but he also provided gothic black and hot pink Hot Topic stockings with every number. The construction of the pieces, such as chain mail and mis-matched length vests, wasn’t always up to par, but the ideas were fun. The prints were visually interesting. They were reminiscent of the sort of imprints you’d find on Grecian urns. Then, of course, there was the occasional bathrobe masquerading as a dress, an ever present danger when “going greek”. There’s nothing new about looking to Cleopatra for inspiration, which may have been why Richie Rich modified everything with lots of metal work accessories. Still, everything had a charming paper-mache feel, particularly the wedding dress that served as a finale, a hand-made mockup of Carrie’s dress from the first Sex and the City movie made with any available material.

The second half of the show was more fun. There was a surplus of boys in bulging lamé short shorts and the girls were done up in “Get Physical” work-out outfits. This part was accompanied by a soundtrack produced by Richie Rich himself. “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Richie Rich and my favorite color is pink because it goes with everything!”

Richie Rich came out and sang with the live track, which was a little unfortunate. The clothes from here on out though were a bit edgier, showing more skin. There were some beautiful Monet inspired prints that I really enjoyed, and he gave everything a tough-guy vibe with the ripped up leggings. There was something slightly pornographic about this portion of the evening, from the pulsing music to the models in bulging shorts, and let’s not forget one model’s peen that was almost literally hanging out of its socket. The references flew thick and fast. There was Michael Jackson’s single jewel studded glove. There was Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical” video. All of it was incorporated into Richie Rich’s own personal aesthetic. He even managed to make boxer shorts look sort of sexy.

At the end of the evening we had Alonso (the stylist) and Richie Rich himself marching down the aisle, along with Johnny Weir, a surprise model in Tarzan shorts, and J-Woww, wearing a very non-Jersey Shore dress. And of course somewhere in all this was Scallywag’s society muse- Tinsley Mortimer who by now is a runway natural. Several times all of the models came down the runway reprising all of the outfits we’d seen that night. Richie Rich told me after that it was meant to be “Marie Antoinette falling from the sky into the East Village. Classy, sexy bitch.”

 Pretty much on the money.