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Will you be spending Valentine’s day at White Castle?


Listen up, men of NYC. Have you got a good woman to spend the most sensationalized romantic day of the year with yet? Well, you better hurry up and get your “Sweetheart Meal Deal” at White Castle while it lasts.

In a world where you can get married at McDonald’s it’s really no surprise that you can Woo at White Castle with their very special Valentine’s Day arrangements.

GothamistWhite Castle’s annual Valentine’s day dinner is accepting your reservations now, and the New York dinners seem popular already. The line was busy when we called to inquire about locations! (Bring a roll of 20s to, ahem, grease the maître d).

Annual, eh? We’re glad to know White Castle has done this before. It’d be tragic to get there and be let down by the food or the ambience of the fire place  flames from the grilling flesh in the background.

And for those of you who are on a budget that makes even White Castle as stretch:

White Castle also offers a $1-off coupon for a sack of sides for their “Sweetheart Meal Deal,” and on Twitter they’re suggesting people dress up for the occasion, especially since you can get your photo taken at dinner.

We suggest that you dress up too. Because there would be nothing worse than having your first, romantic, Valentine’s Day picture taken together at White Castle and one of you is not dressed for such an elegant evening.

Just one more reason to hate love Valentine’s Day.e


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