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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your boyfriend
Pictured, Valentino White Valentino Garavani Undercover Edition UFO Face Open Sneaker
Valentine’s Day Gifts for your boyfriend
Pictured, Valentino White Valentino Garavani Undercover Edition UFO Face Open Sneaker. Your boyfriend, husband or lover will thank you!

12 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your boyfriend, husband or lover that they are likely to forever enjoy and profusely thank you for getting them these treats. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how to treat your significant other. Dinners aside that your boyfriend, husband or lover might take you to, (or even make for you!) there might be the odd special gift idea some of you ladies may want to make as a token of your appreciation. Shall we? 

Custom Engraved Utility Pocket Knife

Available through Etsy, this is your chance to scribe an indelible personal message bestowing your forever (whatever that means anymore…) love to the special man in your life. This personal gift for him will set you back $22.

Custom Order Tee

Staying with the theme of personalized orders, a customized t shirt with your message, ‘Sorry I’m taken by her’ written all over your man’s chest goes a long too. Suggested places to get your personal comfortable and super well made custom t shirt for him include the following choices.

Sneakers for him 

There are only two types of men in the world–the one that does not care about the shoes they are wearing and the one that owns a collection of them. Either way your partner is, giving them a pair of shoes as a gift is still a win-win situation for you. Giving a gift to your partner who loves shoes will gladly add your present to their collection. If your partner is the other one, they will also be happy because they have a new pair to wear! Check out fashionable sneakers from Adidas or Nike! Yes make him run after Valentine’s Dinner ladies!

Video Games 

Does your partner love to play video games? Giving your partner a copy of the latest game will never let you down. Video games are also quite simple gifts. You can just search on the net or ask the staff about the best game available if you do not know anything about gaming. Or better still start reading here for a scoop on latest hot video games anticipated to arrive in 2022.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your boyfriend
12 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your boyfriend, husband or lover. Pictured, men’s Pioneer Chronograph watch from Nordgreen

Affordable Luxury watch 

So you’ve been thinking it might be time to get your favorite man a well made good looking luxury watch at an affordable price. A personal favorite is the men’s Pioneer chronograph by the folks at Nordgreen. At only $290 to $320 there are a variety of choices that will charm your man, with one of the best parts- the versatile wrist bands that come along with each well made time piece (which you can wear depending on mood and occasion).


Cameras are also a gift from you to you! Giving your partner a camera as a gift will also help them develop their photography hobby. Who else will be their muse? You, of course! Your partner gets to hone their skills in photography, and you get cool pictures! Click, pose, kiss and smile this Valentine’s Day!

Fitness set 

There is nothing more romantic than having a goal of keeping fit together! If you and your partner are tired of the sedentary life brought by the pandemic, this is the perfect time for you to move around and break into a sweat! Give your partner a fitness set! Well you might be moving into sweat mode by the end of Valentine’s night anyway …

Eat2Explore Subscription Box

This travel food subscription box is budget-friendly and will introduce your travel lover to a variety of different cuisines around the world. Each box comes with three recipe cards (four servings each), plus unique spices, sauces and grains you’ll need to prepare dishes from the “country of the month.” You’ll also receive a shopping list to get your preferred fresh ingredients that meet your dietary preferences. Best part – it’s only $16- buy here.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your boyfriend, husband or lover
Valentine’s Day Gifts for your boyfriend

Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling Headphones, $298, original price: $348

Is your man a jet-set traveller? But could cut down on all that noise his busy life involves? Introducing the Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise Canceling headphones for avid travelers, which have noise-cancelling capabilities — so one can cut over noisy passengers and plane activity. They’re an Amazon No. 1 bestseller and have over 28,000 positive reviews. The headphones offer up to 30 hours of battery life and have a touch sensor to control pausing, playing and skipping various tracks. Normally retailing at $348, Amazon have lowered the price just in time for Valentine’s Day at $298.

Uniqlo Packable Ultra Light Down Jacket 

Uniqlo’s ultra light down jacket will keep him surprisingly warm and the best part is that the wearable to go garment packs away into a small bag for the ultimate travel accessory. How much for this treat- only $70.

Dermora 24K Gold Eye Mask

Does your man like to have the occasional late night out or sometimes finds himself pouring over work into early morning hours only to have to endure dark circles and puffy eyes the following morning? No more! Banish with Dermora 24K Gold Eye Mask. These undereye masks are made with 24-karat gold (who would have thought?!) and other skin-soothing ingredients which will go a long way in revitilazing and refreshing your loved one’s skin and equilibrium. Best part – you get 20 packs for only $20.

Brand Q portable charger

How many times has your man left home without remembering to charge his phone or simply draining his phone IOS or android device while taking your call ladies? Solution? The Brand Q portable charger is ultra amazing since it can charge all types of smart phones and conveniently plugs into the wall to juice a back up battery. This is a must ladies and a clever way to make sure your loved one is running of full leading up to Valentine’s Day. The Brand Q 10000mAh Portable Charger normally retails at $70 but can be had at only $40 on Amazon.