Home Scandal and Gossip Donald Trump’s hair tries to make a get away.

Donald Trump’s hair tries to make a get away.


The Golden mane shook violently in the wind…

A good look at billionaire extraordinaire Donald’s Trump‘s toupe hair will have most mortals weeping. That said the golden mane nearly made a getaway last night as the Don was sitting in the New England owner’s patriot box and a sudden gush from the temples of Zues came to free the golden mane.

One day the Gods will triumph, but for now mankind must rejoice in the knowledge that the Golden mane withstood nature…


Gray Line NY honors Donald Trump.

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  • If I would have put together that other video with the Bee Gees track behind it..i would have used “Donald Trump’s Hair” by Kacey Jones…but either way this whole thing is too much! hahaha…that hair.