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Irshad Khan is not the best Taliban bomb maker


Do you still get to see 72 virgins if you accidentally kill yourself while making ‘our’ bomb? Well if militant leader Irshad Khan ever makes a road trip back to earth I am certain we will all know.

Khan, a Taliban commander was suspected of several attacks on Pakastani soldiers in the region. That was until he, along with his helper, were killed while assembling a bomb in the Bajaur Tribal region of Pakistan, while also injuring numerous members of his Khan’s family.

The weirdest thing about this whole situation was pointed out by BBC NEWS. They bring up the point that the military has declared “victory” in Bajaur twice over the last 18months, while attacks are still going on. Hopefully, the public will realize now that the military was simply telling them lies in order to tickle their safe button. Luckily the bomb took the life of the Taliban commander and company and not the lives of civilians scattered throughout the region. Let this just be a reminder.

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