Home Scandal and Gossip Christian Siriano is now making hand over fist money designing sponges.

Christian Siriano is now making hand over fist money designing sponges.


Why design haute couture that no one buys when you can design sponges everyone uses?

Christian Siriano, to be sure has a wide following, we know because we once went to one of his fashion shows and watched in shock as a gaggle of star fucked novices from Alabama fornicated over themselves every time one of Christian’s models skidded up and down the runway. Of course these days girlfriend has learned that the only way to make it as a haute couture designer is by thinking counter intuitively and going mainstream and designing all those wonderful trinkets you never think twice to use. NY Mag reports the amazing resurgence of a ‘girl’ about her business. Work girl!

NY Mag: O-Cel-O, a company that makes “stylish” home-cleaning products, hired Christian Siriano “to give the everyday scrub sponge a fierce makeover.” After his Starbucks Collaboration this is quite the partnership, further solidifying Siriano’s position as the designer who can give ordinary objects like gift cards and scrubbing sponges makeovers the world never knew they needed.

For a moment we were worried that perhaps Christian was downgrading his existence, but the minute we read he was designing for O-Cel-O the company that makes ‘stylish’ home cleaning products as opposed to ‘drab’ home cleaning products we were relieved. Either way Christian’s career is on the up, we just can’t wait when he starts designing door knobs and rubber elastic bands.

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