Home Fashion Christian Siriano: Pretty Ruffles, Punk Footwear.

Christian Siriano: Pretty Ruffles, Punk Footwear.

Photography by Keith Lew.

The crowd buzzes, then quickly falls silent as the lights go dim. For a brief moment, faces across the Promenade are illuminated only by the light of carefully poised iPhones and BlackBerries. Then- music pumps, the lights go up, and Christian Siriano’s first model storms onto a hazy runway. The show that follows is a cohesive vision that blends structured day looks with softer evening wear, and one very dramatic fuchsia gown.

Though this is only Day 2 of the official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week certain trends are already beginning to emerge.  With very few exceptions, Siriano shares his contemporaries’ aversion to color for next fall with a seemingly infinite supply of looks that are nearly head-to-toe black. Midnight blue and metallics are also prominently featured, so much so that by the end of the presentation it was downright shocking to see a full organza and tulle gown in boldest fuchsia. More than any other piece, this gown delighted onlookers into spontaneous applause. The success of this gown is no small feat- a similar concept in a lesser designer’s hands would have screamed “Barbie Doll,” but instead Siriano has produced a look that is elegant and red carpet ready.