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Why I don’t want to grow up and become a reality star.

Precious little monsters...on CW's 'High Society.'

There’s a moment on last week’s show of ‘Real Housewives of NY,’ when Bethenny Frankel is trying to digest the news that blogger Perez Hilton has just let out to the world the sensitive news that she is going on 3 months pregnant. Initially her eyes do cartwheel tricks, begin to scan the girl sitting there in front of her who is genuinely embarrassed for her before plaintively looking at the cameraman the way a gladiator may have once looked into spectators eyes sitting in a Roman amphitheater now that the Emperor has given the thumbs down. It is here where everything becomes delicious, to see the purported star who until now was being validated and adored by the public brutally thrown under the bus and us sitting there, her supposed fans, gleefully watching her trying to avoid the turbo fuel dripping on her backside.

Such it seems are the adventures and the preferred past times of a public transfixed by the idea that one can become a star, or a heralded personality for nothing more than because they exist. Where it once used to mean lots of hard work, talent and years working for a studio, one can now effectively become the world’s cuddly toy for a token fee as long as they are willing to subject themselves to the desires of the producers and by extension- the audiences. The fee is somehow suppose to compensate (bait?) the all too often willing participant into fighting potential lions and nasty villains that sometimes throw ‘cosmopolitans,’ on them in ritzy bars.

The fact that the star is implicitly exposed to this chicanery at the producer’s discretion makes for fun TV watching. At any moment, our hero may end up looking and smelling like a mangled kewpie doll, and that is the fascination. Part of us is fascinated by their supposed fantastic lifestyle but another part of us is appalled and morally outraged and pleasantly delighted when our tabloid heroes are smeared in non refundable muck.

Take Devorah Rose, reality star of ‘High Society,’ one of the most sensational and highest ranking reality stars for a while to come. For one reason or another (that this author dare not venture exploring why…) she is equally adored and deplored by her audience and most tabloids. Ridiculed and often set up, by even her own co stars and producers (Ms Tinsley Mortimer who does not have unfortunately the capacity to play a very fair game) – this girl is mocked and made fun of religiously. Somehow we are suppose to believe that she lives in a dungeon with red haired satyrs confering with her as to how denounce New York’s society scene.

At best the idea is preposterous and we all know it and yet somehow if we see it on TV enough times the repeated lie or let’s even call it – misappropriated guise of events somehow becomes the new truth. Something the capricious Tinsley Mortimer is very well aware of, and if Tinsley must drop half



  1. This has nothing to do with the main point of the article, but according to some sources the “thumbs down” meant for the gladiator to live. In other texts it says the opposite. This analogy is very unclear, since there is no proven definition of the “thumbs down” in Ancient Roman History.

    The popular belief came to be that the thumbs down meant death (which is now why a thumbs down is “bad”), but many scholars and students who know about Ancient Rome believe differently. I hope next time you can research a bit more before including something so trivial.

  2. Are some of these reality shows actually popular? You got your panties in a bunch about “High Society” but that was the LOWEST rated program on TV until the Emirel Lagasse show on ION — whatever that is — got an actual 0 share, or basically, no viewers. But still, out of some 125 shows the Rose-Tinsley-Jules whatever show was LOWEST rated. So, not very many people care particularluy. Why do you? Now, Housewives has good ratings, but it’s sort of like they’re the reaity Major Leagues while High Society is like rookie league. It ewas kind of like the Aspen sho that last two minutes. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  3. A thoughtful consideration of an annoying popular form of television programming. It would have been elevated if you had refrained from taking potshots at individuals you didn’t like but I guess that unbiasedness goes against the Scallywag style manual.

  4. Devorah Rose is a loser with absolutely no friends. You must be fucking this tranny donkey witch becase she is gutter ghetto & no one cares about her. Does she make you call her Tinsley when you hit that?

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