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Why I don’t want to grow up and become a reality star.


Devorah Rose on CW's - 'High Society.'

the edits and video footage to make her size 6 ass look like a size 2 then she will do it even if her supposed friend Devorah is metaphorically ballooned into some cartoon figure that momentarily assuages us but ultimately fatigues us. One wonders if the joke is really on Ms Mortimer.

That ultimately is the allure of reality TV, to have us the audience dissecting private lives other than our very difficult owns and somehow coming up with new reality assessments of how the world actually works. The inside joke is of course – is no one really cares for how things actually work and an attempt to actually show that would send most producers bankrupt. The real allure is to show a desired and preferred reality as opposed to the nitty gritty reality, after all, we all know by now it’s never good form to watch real people with real issues. It’s better and more enjoyable to watch people with supposedly desirable lifestyles trying to outsmart themselves, each other and the universe in their attempt to maintain these illusions. Something I am afraid, I am loathe to do, even if I am sometimes courageous enough to reflect on it.

For the time being, I will continue watching America’s equally lovable and despised reality stars living and coming to greater existential truths. But if I can offer one final observation- when we say we hate and love our stars, it is really us that we are reflecting on and ultimately all one can do is acknowledge that our reality stars are the new Jesus Christs bearing the pain and torment of being. Thank God they enjoy it…



  1. This has nothing to do with the main point of the article, but according to some sources the “thumbs down” meant for the gladiator to live. In other texts it says the opposite. This analogy is very unclear, since there is no proven definition of the “thumbs down” in Ancient Roman History.

    The popular belief came to be that the thumbs down meant death (which is now why a thumbs down is “bad”), but many scholars and students who know about Ancient Rome believe differently. I hope next time you can research a bit more before including something so trivial.

  2. Are some of these reality shows actually popular? You got your panties in a bunch about “High Society” but that was the LOWEST rated program on TV until the Emirel Lagasse show on ION — whatever that is — got an actual 0 share, or basically, no viewers. But still, out of some 125 shows the Rose-Tinsley-Jules whatever show was LOWEST rated. So, not very many people care particularluy. Why do you? Now, Housewives has good ratings, but it’s sort of like they’re the reaity Major Leagues while High Society is like rookie league. It ewas kind of like the Aspen sho that last two minutes. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  3. A thoughtful consideration of an annoying popular form of television programming. It would have been elevated if you had refrained from taking potshots at individuals you didn’t like but I guess that unbiasedness goes against the Scallywag style manual.

  4. Devorah Rose is a loser with absolutely no friends. You must be fucking this tranny donkey witch becase she is gutter ghetto & no one cares about her. Does she make you call her Tinsley when you hit that?

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