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Enough with the threats already, no one is leaving Facebook over privacy issues


Ugh. Enough already with the threats! We’re so sick of people threatening to leave Facebook over privacy violations. Despite everyone’s gripes and half-assed attempts at a some sort of movement with all the Facebook privacy related groups on the networking site, it’s safe to say they’re all in vain. Facebook is no worse than any other site out there; go ahead and Google your name. If you don’t find your name, your past three addresses, jobs and basically everything but you’re social security number, then we’ll be very surprised.

Yes, Facebook has changed their privacy settings several times over the past year alone, but that’s not going to deter anyone from getting on there and wasting hours away by stalking friends and former lovers. So quit it with the status updates about how you’re leaving Facebook, we’ve had enough of your idle threats! If you’re going to leave, then just shut up and do it already, but even you know you’re not going anywhere. Hell, it took us forty minutes just to write these two paragraphs because we had to check everyone’s status updates every three minutes.

Source; Slate