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Joy, accolade and a touch of misbehavior at the 15 Gen Art Film Festival.


Sara Ziff.

later and reprimanded me for mis spelling her name in previous articles…blah!) took to it all. Well apparently not very well. It was rumored (yes that nasty word us journalist types like to use the way you like to use toilet paper…) that a minor spat occurred between Devorah, Paul and of course Alexandra. Since I wasn’t there the moment when the spat occurred I can’t really say much, except to reiterate that Paul is of the opinion that Devorah is a certain kind of diva who needs to get over herself. Ironical, because one could easily argue Paul is his own special diva. Of course Paul comes with show man aspirations and who can fault him when he’s always bringing a kindred smile to our face, well except perhaps Devorah’s…

Continuing the theme of misbehavior was the wicked witch of New Jersey, Danielle Staub who it has become customary in America to revile. To be forthright, this particular author is quite fond of Ms Staub and certainly does admire her ambition, of course if you want more of her (and you certainly do…) you can read the interview we did with her last year (watch her squirm kids- it’s fun). She was rather gracious, and already contemplating the impending release of her memoirs which I dare not guess what she has titled…In any event, it must have been even a touch amusing even for her to watch her fellow reality star actors have mild jabs at each other. Tre delicious.

Diane Neal

Danielle Staub.