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Joy, accolade and a touch of misbehavior at the 15 Gen Art Film Festival.

Paul Johnson Calderon. 'You better work Girl!!'

Photography by Gordon Ho. Gen Art 15th Film Premiere at 7 for All Mankind.

Hosted by Acura, last night’s titillating affair celebrating Gen Art’s 15th anniversary Film Premiere at 7 For All Mankind was one of those affairs that we have very much come to look forward on an annual basis. With good cheer, heady margaritas and your typical too good looking crowd, society, the film world, and its stars came along to celebrate the premier party that launched Gen Art’s 15th foray into the visual media. Of course who was also there was that arena called reality TV, and this my dears is where the real drama was…

For those of you in the know reality TV these days is quite the rage and as much as you are inclined to hate it or yourself for that matter for even liking it, there is something rather irresistible about watching grown adults, (especially photogenic ones thank you…) who can’t help but terrorize each other, smile poisonous daggers and plot your demise. You are probably wandering what I am talking about but all becomes clear when I announce at last night’s festivities present were the uber hot shots of current reality show du jour- ‘High Society.’ With half the cast of ‘High Society,” in attendance it was an amusing sight to watch these characters play (suck) up to the cameras, give you their best three quarter angles and somehow maintain themselves while their arch enemies were 3 feet away doing the very same thing. Which of course probably explains why only half the cast turned up in the first place…

With our beloved Devorah Rose stealing the show and letting us all know she’s the babe to watch one had to wonder how her co stars Paul Johnson Calderon and Alexandra Osiprow (who took me aside

Devorah Rose: Villainess or Victim?

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The pathetic fixtures of New York High Society.

Gen Art Film Premier Launch Party- ‘Why I’ll always be the Reluctant Paparazzo.’

Paul Johnson Calderon and Alexandra Osiprow.
Devorah Rose.