Home Nightlife Honoring Somaly Mam and her greatest fan Lauren Bush.

Honoring Somaly Mam and her greatest fan Lauren Bush.


Lauren Bush.

SCV: Lauren, how do you feel to be the guest of honor tonight?

LB: Well, it’s pretty obvious- it’s Somaly who is the guest of honor.

SCV: How did you come to meet Somaly and what led to your eventual involvement with her foundation?

LB: I was introduced to her and I was initially very taken aback by her journey and that’s when I read her book and enlisted my services.

SCV: Why is that with all the power we as a country have and the ability to influence matters, such behavior still continues in Cambodia and can I assume many other parts of the world?

LB: I think it’s a cultural idea, attitudes are firmly entrenched, and a series of education for the community needs to be put into place.

SCV: Have you been to Cambodia?

LB: Yes, I have, I witnessed how Somaly Mam works on a ground level addressing these girls needs. She is made it her life’s work. I am simply humbled.

SCV: I’m curious tell me about the scarves?

LB: It’s a symbol of the unity of the women, the children, one stitch at a time, the frailty and yet the strength in numbers, and also the fact that the scarves are for sale to help with the Somaly Mam foundation. In fact I understand, it takes 10 girls up to 2 days to make one scarf.

SCV: Amazing.

Jermaine Brown

From there it was a milling around the wonderfully eclectic milieu of guests that included some of my favorite people and friends- Angela Chen, Ashley Bush, Sharon Bush, David Lauren, Dylan Lauren, Gregg Kelly, Henry and Ana Pincus, Kelly Brant, Lucy McIntyre, Paul Johnson Calderon, Samantha Mathis, Samantha Thompson, Shelly Simmons, Tina Livanos, Annie Dickerson, Leigh Parrinello and Norman Jean Roy.

Lest I forget a special thank you had to be paid to Jermaine Browne, who this author will always praise his virtues and talent for providing us with some wonderful choreography and entertainment. That plus the wonderful desserts courtesy of the Box’s executive chef- Justin Hilbert and the eco friendly cocktails. What a splendid evening and I can only hope to encourage you the reader to give weight to Somaly Mam’s mission and if you can spread the message about her mission please do so and even better if you can donate some funds- this is one of those causes that we all need to believe in.

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