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Honoring Somaly Mam and her greatest fan Lauren Bush.


Greg Kelly

As Somaly searched to find the words which she wanted to use to draw recourse to her feelings and devotion for her dear friend Ms Lauren Bush one couldn’t help but feel they were perhaps intruding on a too intimate affair, bonding of friendship. First Ms Mam placed a long red scarf over Ms Bush and in turn Ms Bush reciprocated by placing another red scarf across Ms Mam’s shoulder.

After the awarding ceremony ended I was fortunate to be able to speak to both ladies:

SCV: Looking back on today and from the moment you were captive, how much has the world changed for you Somaly?

SM: Yes on a personal level it has changed, but as long as there are still children sold into prostitution and slavery I am hopeful that more changes can be made.

SCV: Right now as we speak some young girl back in Cambodia is being forced upon. How can such a thing happen in today’s day and age?

SM: It’s the culture at large, the lack of education and the idea that a woman is worth less than a man, and in fact she is not, she is equal to him.

SCV: What developments have you personally made?

SM: On one level I have gone back and retrieved the girls that have been captured and sold into this terrible life but that is just one thing. Then comes the heart, the mind, this you have to heal with, get the person to believe in themselves again. You have to understand what is done to them takes many of these girl’s will to survive away. We offer a rehabilitation, a chance to find self love, a support network and economic means.

SCV: And what do you think of your friend Lauren here?

SM: There are no words that I know how to use. I think wow, she’s amazing, you know?

Turning to Ms Lauren Bush, I began to ask her a series of questions.

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