Home Nightlife Honoring Somaly Mam and her greatest fan Lauren Bush.

Honoring Somaly Mam and her greatest fan Lauren Bush.


Photos courtesy of PMC. Lauren Bush and Somaly Mam

Last night at the Box was probably one of the most heart breaking evenings that this author has had cause to experience in a while. Heart breaking because there in front of him and distinguished guests, which I will go over soon enough, a courageous woman many thousands of miles from her home in Cambodia stood in front of us all and extolled the simple story of making a scarf, stitch by stitch, but that was really a metaphor for what had befallen her and countless many other women and children who were once again forced to one shred at a time reconstruct their lives. A victim of systematic daily rape and forced into prostitution at a young age Ms Mam managed one day to escape the confines of her hellish life, only to return to collect those that she had left behind her. Who she also collected on the way to her journey were also a tightly packed room of on lookers who were literally speechless and contemplative of this woman’s mission. And yes, I saw some of you gushing…

One of those onlookers also consisted of Lauren Bush, by now a close friend of Somaly Mam who was actually being honored by the foundation who consisted of the following members and attendees- Amanda Brooks, Anh Duong, Katie Ford, Kiara Kabukuru, Josh Lucas and Alexis Tobin (who on a personal note I am very fond of and can only rave about endlessly…)

Amanda Brooks, Ahn Duong and Alexis Tobin