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Do you think you would realise if your partner was cheating on you?


The things that matter to you.

The following discussion was raised by one of my facebook friends and as you can see it has elicited a lot of reactions. Of course the ultimate contradiction being that on one hand we have an affinity towards having a partner and then just as much as we have that affinity we have the affinity to explore other options (even the option to be alone). You be the judge. I think the following responses are very revealing….

We particularly like the last response from Cyyanide Wenger- Hetfield. Especially the part about going through their partners belongings. At Scallywag and Vagabond we have a saying, we usually like to point out the things that are deep in our minds and are something we are considering ourselves or have designs on. Scallywag is willing to bet the Cyyanide is a serial cheater herself. Right Cyyanbide?

Cyyanide is just suffering her little heart out. She wants out but doesn’t haven’t the financial means. So she’d rather be a paid concubine who gets to suffer and wear the occasional $600 shoes.

If there’s one Scallywag has learned we all have all of our reasons as to why we  pursue and stay with certain people, the question ultimately is how much does that pursuit mean to you?

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