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Naomi Campbell is getting ready to go back to prison again.


When super models come with short tempers it eventually catches up with them.

Here we go again with a new story of Naomi Campbell beating up on another employee, this time her limo driver. As we all know by now, since it was so much in vogue when we all had slaves back in the 1800’s, employees are to be scorned, harrassed and rightfully given a thorough tweak around the ear lobe should they ever get out of line. This of course is a wonderful philosophy that Naomi Campbell has time after time managed to maintain and of course implement. That said perhaps the following report from the NY Daily News can elucidate for us the latest flare up that may well this time have our vanity bitch not just wearing her orange jump suit on the street sweeping, but maybe on the inside too.

Cops are hunting for Naomi Campbell after she assaulted her limo driver in Midtown on Tuesday afternoon, police sources said.

Campbell slugged the 27-year-old driver, then ran from the scene at E. 58th St. and Second Ave. just after 1 p.m.

The driver reported the incident to police, who were canvassing the area.

In any event, we’re sure Naomi is very very sorry for losing her cool, but please, she’s a super model and what worked in the 1800’s kind of works today too…


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