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A militant’s wedding photos are finally here.


The way militants celebrate their weddings.

Last week came the news of the Hutaree clan, an armed Christian group (an oxymoron if we ever saw one…) out of Michigan who’s leaders David and Tina Stone were accused of conspiring to kill local police.

Since the disclosure of such plot authorities have been doing some digging, trying in effect to piece the mindset that would lead to such diabolical acts. In their searching they came along the recent wedding photos of David and Tina which on close inspection gives us all a more nuanced appreciation of the ‘fun’ that David and Tina were used to having on the battlefield and in the comfort of their own homes.

The overriding conclusion so far courtesy of TPM of what this all portends can be read below:

For the leading family of Hutaree, the armed Christian group in Michigan accused of plotting to kill police, membership in the militia went beyond paramilitary training sessions and into something resembling a full-blown lifestyle choice.

How far did the extra curricular behavior indoctrinate the Hutaree’s daily life to life activities? Well we’ll let you be the judge, but we kind of like the photo of the young kid holding a gun to the viewer of the photo whilst standing next to the newly happily wedded bride (our gal Tina)  who happens to be dressed in her own very special death garbs too.

The moral? You’re always free to dress and behave as you wish in America until the day you start pointing guns at other people. Also lest we forget we too would like to extend our salutations to David and Tina Stone,  “Uhm it was an  interesting marriage…until it lasted.”

Tina and David Stone on their wedding day.