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The Male Model Who Offered ‘Oral” Objections


Nick's mugshot

To go down or not to go down?

It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy or a nicer species for that matter, but it happened anyway. Nick Snider, a male 21 year old fashion model (you’ve seen those around before right?), was busted the other day for making a scene over there in Little Rock. Not too happy with the prospect of spending a jam session in the clinker, he decided to offer the arresting officer a trade. What type of trade you wonder? Mmh- how about if I blow your nuts if you let me go?

Reports the NY Post:

A top male model from Manhattan who has appeared in Prada ads is facing criminal charges after reportedly offering oral sex to Arkansas cops in return for letting him go following an arrest for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

So did the officer go for it? Well, no, actually. That of course didn’t stop our little hunk from trying again as he was being led into his jail cell (shucks!- HOW DARE THEY LOCK ME UP?! I’M SO CUTE. ARE YOU SURE I CAN’T BLOW YOU OR SOMETHING?‘). Unfortunately the things that would probably work in NY locker rooms really don’t work in goddamn Little Rock.

Snider was eventually released pending a $780 bond and is scheduled to be hitting the planks very hard when the tears eventually dry up. You better work it girl!

Source: NY Post

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