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Heidi Montag wants us to believe that she’s not a plastic surgery addict.


Heidi250The lunatic beliefs of a 23 year old.

Straight from California comes the enduring tale of a young woman who is willing to re arrange not only her face but her moral sensibilities in the hope that you and the rest of America perceive her as the unrelenting starlet du jour.

The latest chapter involving our favorite new media whore comes direct from the Daily News.

The 23-year-old TV personality told People she was “beyond obsessed” with plastic surgery in last week’s issue, but now says she’s not addicted to it after her remarks sparked criticism.

Not addicted to it? The last we heard she had 17 operations before lunch and had 3 more organized later that evening for her foot.

According to one episode in the media, Ms Montag now an aspiring pop star (we heard she was once a reality star from the hood) was asked to sing for the interviewer. Unfortunately she had to decline because her face refused to move in syntax with her vocal cords. She then went on to suggest that her triple D breast were still a smidgen too small. When asked to reflect on what type of role model she was presenting to other young woman we wondered whether for a moment Ms. Montag was about to announce the conversion  of young innocent girls into photogenic Hollywood whores. But at least Ms Montag had the good sense to keep her mouth solidly shut, not withstanding the bandages protruding out of her eye sockets.

Continues the Daily News.

“I’m in a different industry,” Montag says, “and I have to do things that are going to make me happy at the end of the day.

So much for the mental well being of star crossed girls.